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Mom to 3 boys, HR pro, music lover. I love to laugh.


Hi and welcome to my slice of virtual real estate! I suppose the first question you have is about the name of the blog. Because Duh, right? You'd think so... but when I started writing in 2008, my kids were much younger and one time I said this exact phrase because one of them actually tried to eat soup with his fingers. It occurred to me that obvious tips such as what foods are appropriate for eating without utensils might provide a humorous slant for relating some of the funnier anecdotes from my life. Thus the subtitle, spoon feeding you the obvious.

I’m a native of south central PA, and like so many of my peers in the late ’80s and early ’90s, moved to Washington, DC to find work after college. Somewhere along the line, it became home. Now, I live with my three sons, two of whom have graduated high school and are pursuing post-secondary education and one of whom is in middle school, in a 40-something-year-old ranch home on a wooded lot in the bosom of Suburbia. We also have two cats.

After 15 years in HR, I left the full-time workforce when my youngest was born. About a year later I returned to work, first as an HR consultant, and now as an HR Director for a small, privately-held organization. I am still in search of the ever-elusive Perfect Balance between work and family. I hear it’s out there; if you find it, please, let me know.

Other random tidbits: I like cooking (and I’m pretty good at it). I grew up on a farm and have driven a tractor, but I do not know how to milk a cow. I sing alto with a large local chorale. I was married for 22 years until we decided to part ways last year. I'm a big believer in always seeking the silver lining. I am blessed with an abundance of fantastic friends and an inability to say no to a good party.

I truly appreciate your spending some time reading my blog. Do come back again soon!